WANG opposes valuing women based on how they look, rather than who they are and what they do. WANG also opposes the prohibitive and narrow beauty standards imposed on women that reflect racist, heteronormative, capitalist, sexist, ageist, cissexist and disableist ideologies.

Women everywhere are expected to conform: to remove their body hair, to wear make-up yet look ‘natural’. To diet, and to wear restrictive clothing. All in order to be considered acceptable, respectable and feminine. If you support women's choice to refuse these regulatory practices, then join WANG! It's not just for the unshaven and undeodorised but for anyone who believes that women shouldn't be reduced to how they look and that women do not need to be conventionally beautiful to be attractive. We are much more than our beauty, and the beauty we have is manifold. People of any/no gender are welcome too, and we support all struggles against the pressure to conform to hegemonic representations.

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And I’m back again ! I had to give purple another try !

wanna see how i got this color?

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One of my biggest insecurities is my stretch marks. After I had my son I was covered in them. It’s been over two years and the deep gashes have made no progress on disappearing.

So in an attempt to try to not hate them (and myself) as much, here they are.

extremely beautiful

Women are incredible


Sabelo Mlangeni

Black Men in Dress

Black Men in Dress comprises a series of portraits photographed at the Johannesburg and Soweto Pride, a yearly event for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community. These portraits remind Mlangeni of a childhood where, as he describes:

[M]ost communities had what we call ‘uSis’bhuti’. This is a term used to describe a boy who behaves like a girl. Why then do we hate these boys when they have grown up to be men who dress as women? Why do we turn and call them names, pretending that we’ve never seen it? These are some of the issues I try to bring to the fore in this series. (artist statement)


I wore these leggings out on Sunday and even though I love them, I fucking hated them. I thought my legs looked too big (as I usually do) and honestly, I didn’t even want to look at myself. So, last night I decided that I was going to love them again. I found this shirt in the back of my closet, put on some makeup, and took these pictures.

Being positive about my body is so hard some days because truly, I’ve been told my whole life that my body is wrong and takes up too much space. But I’ve definitely come a long way. Last month, I would never have posted pictures that showed this much of my arms, stomach, thighs, etc. Last year, I would never have tied this shirt up, worn it without a tank top , and I SURE AS HELL would not have taken or posted pictures in it.

So these pictures are a giant FUCK YOU to everyone who has ever tried to make me feel bad about my body. It’s a fuck you to all of the people who wanted to like me in private because they couldn’t handle my body. It’s a fuck you to everyone who has ever offered me dieting or exercise tips that I never fucking asked for. And most of all it’s a fuck you to everyone who fetishes the fat body.

I don’t want your fucking help. I am not your fucking fetish. I will not hate my body to fit your standards

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Bethann Hardison on racism in the fashion industry.

From About Face: Supermodels then and now




MY ORIGINAL DESIGN WONDER WOMAN IS DONE!  Designed by me and created by my wifey.  And somehow I got a little red dress out of it, too. The entire costume (wig and all) will premiere on 4th of July at CONvergence, I am so excited!  

The only thing missing is the yellow piece but I really like this better.  Man the wifey knows best  <3

Good morning to the morning folks of Tumblr.  In case you missed it I have a new cosplay  :)  

Also how did this get so many notes so quickly it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet this is nuts!

This is seriously awesome!

Anonymous asked
Love, love, love your blog!

Glad you do!

Anonymous asked
Why are you such an ugly fat pig?

*doh* didn’t realise my looks and weight were something I had to justify…


On the plus side, if I annoy people who think ‘ugly’ and ‘fat’ are insults, i must be doing something right!



Gender, Sex, Biology & Trans Women

Many of us understand sex and gender as categorically separate when envisioning trans women. How do we enforce transmisogyny through biological essentialist views of what we define as “sex” when imagining trans women? This storify examines how we enforce physical & ontological gender violence through non-consensual cisnormative separations of sex and gender. Sex is very much a gendered concept with its own colonial and violent baggage.

Note: This is a partial storify. Read the full version here 

Pro-tip: Be as poetic about brown eyes as you are about blue or green eyes.





If you can’t think beyond “chocolate eyes” or “brown orbs,” to match “cerulean orbs” or “emerald eyes,” then you need to do better.

The fact that this post already has over 50 notes is saying a lot.

Hey writers! It takes THREE shades to make brown, so think about what went in to make it. Brown is the eye color with the most variation in humans, so there is no excuse.

Ooh, it’s true. Like if you ever fiddled around with the colors in MS paint, brown is somewhere between red, yellow, and grey. So some browns that are closer to grey are cool browns, and browns closer to red or yellow are warm browns… reddish browns are chestnut brown, cinnamon, mahogany, amber, a mixture of red and yellow makes golden brown and honey colored eyes, lighter browns closer to yellow can be hazel, champagne colored. There’s soft grey browns, too. Lots of variation in brown.